Excellent Lawyer

If you need a lawyer to handle your divorce matters, Stuart Skok would be an excellent choice. I give her my strongest recommendation possible and do so benefiting from the experience of having her represent me. When I began the process to decide what kind of legal representation I wanted, I understood the impact that divorce proceedings can have on all the parties involved. In my research, I became aware of the “Collaborative Divorce” process and was convinced it was the right way to go. Stuart came highly recommended as an expert in this field. After I met with her, it was clear I made the right choice in representation. As we engaged the other side, it was clear that collaboration was the last thing we were going to get. Instead, to quote the judge, they turned it into a “torch the earth” campaign. Having selected Stuart to navigate through a collaborative process, we had to reset and plan for a more combative process. I had not planned for this and Stuart made an unbearable experience manageable. Stuart is the utmost professional. Her knowledge and experience were evident throughout the process. She took the time to explain what we were doing, why we were doing it, and what the implications would be of the outcomes. Her assessments were accurate and helped me keep the process in perspective. On the other side, Stuart was a patient listener. We would discuss different aspects of the case and she would act on either concerns I had, or ideas on how we could proceed. No matter how tedious or significant the item, I knew I could discuss with Stuart and as a result, better understand and appreciate the outcome.  During this entire course of action, Stuart remained the consummate professional. When things got ugly, she effectively used facts and law to handle those situations, even when the other side would turn to personal attacks. Her calm demeanor and extensive knowledge rebutted those attacks very effectively. It was important to me that we stay on the high road throughout the process and let the judge make his decision based on facts, regardless of the outcome. Stuart was true to this, and her toughness and thoroughness as a litigator brought the real facts to light in an overwhelming way. The overall result was better than I expected due to Stuart’s effectiveness.  If you want to be well represented, have a lawyer that can handle a wide range issues and divorce processes, work with someone that commands respect, someone that is compelling in the court room, and someone that has high standards of ethics and performance, then Stuart Skok is your hands down choice.