With five children, multiple businesses, and many levels of complexity associated with divorce, selection of an attorney was absolutely critical to me

I interviewed many high profile lawyers, but 2 years ago, made one of the best decisions of my life, to go with Stuart. Today, I finalized a settlement decree, after two years on constant litigation. Due to Stuarts efforts, I came out with joint custody of my kids (I am a working Dad and divorced a non-working mom), and with an exceptional outcome financially. At every juncture, Stuart provided insightful and careful counsel. She was shrewd in her litigation and motions. She kept me from becoming unduly emotional in this very difficult process. She NEVER over billed. Her legal fees were 1/3 of my X wife, and I had a spectacular outcome. Stuart is a consummate professional, who was unflappable in the court room as well as in deposition and settlement negotiations. Her counsel was sage. Her goal was always with the long view of what was best for me and especially my children. She is bright, personable, and clearly respected by the judges (the case was so long we had two over the years). I always felt welcome to call or email. Her staff was fantastic. As a physician MD with Ivy league background, I do not suffer fools well. Stuart rose, in EVERY instance to exceed my expectations as a lawyer. I would recommend her to anyone, unhesitatingly, regardless of the stakes. She will not disappoint. Finally, her model of practice does NOT utilize the junior – senior attorney which invariably costs more and produces training for the junior associate at your expense. In short, Stuart is absolutely the best at what she does! My name is above. I am happy to serve as a reference for her. I am in the book!